• Ski-Doo QRS Helix Wrench

    Ski-Doo QRS Helix Wrench

    This reversible ratcheting wrench is used to remove and install the helix. Used with QRS Secondary Compressor Part # 151-107 to remove helix's while leaving clutch on machine This single-end, flat wrench is 9-3/4" long with a removable/replaceable...

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  • Gen 4 Backcountry/Trail Model +1" Offset Spindle

    Gen 4 Backcountry/Trail Model +1" Offset Spindle

    Sold per set. Offset is +1" per side.Easily add 2” total, 1” per side, to your ski stance on the Gen 4 Backcountry or Trail Model Ski Doo.These spindles are specifically designed to easily and affordably widen the ski stance on the Ski Doo Backcountry...

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  • Lightweight Brake Disks

    Lightweight Brake Disks

    *Must send in your stock brake disk for machining if you choose the 'Machining Only' option. Turn around is typically 2-3 weeks, but is dependent on availability.* 45g lighter than stock Reduces rotating weight, improving throttle response. Dissipates...

    $100.00 - $230.00
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