X3 Billet Brake-Gas Pedal Package


$180.00 - $200.00
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Zollinger Racing Products exclusive package deal!

Not available for dealer purchase

  • Billet brake pedal extender

  • Billet Gas pedal

For those of us who want to maximize on performance and precision, our X3 Billet Brake-Gas Pedal Package is the perfect solution. Our brake pedal extender will allow you to use two feet to drive, and the gas pedal will give you precision and plenty of control. The billet aluminum construction will ensure durability, while the installation bolts directly to the existing brake pedal.

Brake Pedal

Sick of your feet always touching while driving with two feet? Well this is our solution!

Allows user to use one foot, or two feet to drive.

Billet Brake pedal extender for the can-am X3.

6061 aluminum.

Bolts directly to existing brake pedal with included hardware.

Gas Pedal

Don't let plastic ruin your day; Never lose your footing during a critical moment again with the ZRP X3 Billet Throttle Pedal.

This precision machined piece is designed for anyone looking to get the most out of their X3.