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A Magnetic Tether For Polaris 

Attaching solely by magnetism, the patent-pending DuraPro Magnetic Tether™ has been engineered to be the most dependable, most durable, highest performing, easiest to install, and easiest to use engine cut-off tether on the market.

Since the DuraPro Magnetic Tether Cap doesn't attach mechanically, it gives strong and consistent pull strengths regardless of the angle it is pulled from, weather conditions, or its age!

With no plastic tabs/fingers to break off, plungers to freeze, rubber to crack, or delicate reed switched to fail, there is no degredation of performance regardless of how many times it's been used.

The DuraPro Magnetic Tether™ has been rigorously field-tested around the globe with everything from fluffy powder to freezing rain and has earned the DuraPro “Perfection by Design” stamp of approval from top pro-riders worldwide.

  • The 100% waterproof and freeze-proof design gives strong and consistent release strengths regardless of the angle the cap is pulled from.

  • Both the cap and magnetic base unit of the DuraPro Magnetic Tether is hermetically sealed making it's 100% waterproof.

  • Cap won't rust, rot, or deteriorate and has been specifically designed to not retain snow or ice. Lightweight and extremely easy to reattach making it ideal for those awkward starting positions. Doesn't easily attract to unwanted objects like your handlebars or vehicle door. Compact rounded design can comfortably be tucked into a pocket or glove while not in use.

  • Base is extremely low profile at only 0.3" (7.5mm) tall, which means it won't catch on clothing or objects. Plus it's designed in conjunction with the tether Cap to push snow, ice, and objects out of the way when reattaching.

  • High-strength anodized aluminum nut tightens easily and will not loosen or strip out like plastic nuts.

  • Kevlar®-cored coil strap doesn't absorb moisture, flexes easier in cold weather, and retains its memory better in extreme conditions. Engineered with just the right amount of stretch, rebound, and strength, it's less likely to get tangled up too.

  • Includes a lightweight yet strong custom aluminum & stainless steel clip.

  • Plug & play installation is quick and simple with the water-resistant Deutsch style overmolded connector and DuraPro Magnetic Tether Adapter System™.

  • 25” (63.5cm) cable is long enough to accommodate mounting on the vehicle's console panel through a 1" or 25mm diameter hole (same as AC tether), or on the handlebars with the DuraPro Handlebar Mount™ (coming soon).

  • MADE IN THE USA with U.S. and global materials.


FITMENT (Item No. 7223014):

- Polaris 850 and 650 Patriot engine snowmobiles with INCLUDED plug & play connector (No adapter necessary).

- Polaris 800 and 600 Cleanfire engine snowmobiles (DuraPro DP122 Adapter required for Plug & Play installation).  CLICK HERE FOR DP122 ADAPTER

- Adaptable to any snowmobile, motorcycle, or ATV with a normally open electrical system (electrical circuit is open when tether is attached).


Your DuraPro Magnetic Tether™ is designed for ultimate quality, durability, and reliability. That is why we fully warrant it to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship for 1-year from the date of purchase.

Full warranty details can be found HERE