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Polaris P-85 Clutch Covers. We've designed them using high strength 7075 aluminum with reinforced crossed sections. Now includes a Hardened Clutch Shim for improved backshift and spring longevity. 

  • 175g lighter than stock 800/850 clutch cover

  • 45% reduction in rotational inertia.

    • Faster acceleration

    • Improved throttle responce

  • Stroger and more rigid than stock allowing for more efficient shifting.

  • Open face design disapates heat, lowering belt temperatures.

  • Fits all 600, 650, 700, 800, 850 primary clutches made since at least 2005.

  • Covered by a 12 month warranty. (See warranty section.)

  • Black Anodized finish.

Recommended to use with our Polaris Titanium Clutch Cover Bolts
Proven on the RMSHA Hillclimb circuit, almost every Polaris Mod has run this cover the last 5 seasons with amazing results!


To be eligible for  warranty coverage on this part the clutch must be re-balanced after installing the ZRP cover. Documentation of clutch balancing is required for all warranty claims.