Polaris RZR APEX Forged Beadlock Wheel 15"x5.5"


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RZR Beadlock Wheels APEX

Designed, Tested, Manufactured by ZRP

  •  Forged High-Quality USA sourced 6061 Aluminum Construction
  •  Precision Machined at the highest quality standards
  •  15" x 5.5" wheel • 5+1 Offset for correct suspension geometry
  •  Classic ZRP looks and exceptional strength
  •  True Forged Beadlock perfectly matched to the wheel
  •  Grade 8 Beadlock Hardware
  •  4.75" Backspacing
  •  Made in the USA

We set out to make the strongest RZR racing wheel on the market. Starting with a high-quality, fully forged 6061 construction, we tested and tweaked until we found the perfect balance of lightweight and ultimate strength. This wheel is 50%+ STRONGER than most other wheels on the market currently. These are built and tested for racing in BITD, ULTRA 4, WORCS, SCORE, and many other extreme racing series.

These wheels were designed to increase the load when racers are running 32" and 35"+ tires. They have a knurled grip on the Beadlock to ensure a solid bead seat, and the valve is fully protected by the Beadlock ring to be safe from rocks and any other debris.

Available in the raw machined finish only currently. Custom color and finish options are available with ~4-week lead time; please call the shop at 435-753-2733 to discuss.  

Works great for RZR xp 1000 and turbos

What are Polaris RZR Beadlock Wheels?

The new Beadlock racing wheels from Polaris are designed to increase your vehicle's overall performance in extreme off-road racing. Beadlock wheels are the fastest, lightest, and strongest off-road racing wheels available on the market, so you can focus on racing and less on driving. These Racing RZR Beadlock Wheels are one-piece wheels with a smooth, radial finish that's smooth and grippy, yet strong and resistant to deterioration.

They're a solution that will allow you to focus on racing and less on driving in extreme racing, taking the stress and strain off your machine and body. If you have ever participated in ULTRA4 or SCORE events, you know that you need the best wheel setup to get the most from your machine in the hot and dusty conditions of these races.


Why should you care about your wheels?

Polaris is one of the most recognized names in off-road vehicle motorsports and outdoor sports. From racing in the desert in extreme 4x4 racing all the way to proving your skill on an extreme ski hill, Polaris is the leader in vehicle racing. Polaris has long been a strong force in racing. Their 4x4 team won the Polaris RimJaw RimJaw ESS championship in 2014 and won their first UTV championship in 2010.

Since then, Polaris has continued to do well in the off-road community. Polaris also received awards from Motor Trend and Motorsports News in 2015 for their efforts in 4x4 racing. Polaris now sees its importance to the world of off-road racing as a means to improve all wheelbases. Polaris will design and sell many off-road wheelbases to fit various extreme racing classes.