RZR Pro-R/Turbo R Rear knuckle set


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RZR Pro-R/Turbo R Rear Knuckle set

Fits 2022 Polaris RZR Pro-R/Turbo R

Designed, Tested, Manufactured by ZRP

  •  High Quality 7075 Aluminum Construction
  •  Precision Machined at the highest quality standards
  •  Classic ZRP looks and exceptional strength
  •  Premium 7/8'' and 1'' FK Uniballs 
  •  Stainless Steel Misalignment spacers
  •  100% Bolt on Installation
  • Made in the USA

As the Pro-R platform grows in popularity it is clear that it has taken SXS racing to another level. With the size of these cars and the speeds that they are capable of reaching we have found the factory rear knuckle is not up to the task of race pace. The factory cast rear knuckle is prone to flex and the OEM rubber stabilized radial joints deflect causing alignment changes throughout the suspension travel thus causing the rear of the car to become extremely unstable and unpredictable at speed. The ZRP Billet Rear knuckles are made from a solid piece of 7075 billet aluminum and Utilize massive 7/8'' and 1'' Uniballs from FK rod ends, this rigid construction ensures that your alignment stays where you set it. Settling the car down and giving you the confidence behind the wheel to run flat out!