Gen 4 Summit 1.25" Lift Kit SBB Spindle Set


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Ski Doo Gen 4 Spindles 1.25" Lift Kit SBB

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We used the AXYS RMK as our benchmark to improve the snowmobility of the Ski Doo Gen 4. We matched the ground clearance and tunnel angles for improved deep snow performance.

This taller spindle uses out Ski Bolt Back Geometry that improves handling by putting the ski bolt in line with the upper and lower a-arms.

Please note that you will have to adjust/tune your suspension to your individual needs after adding these spindles. If you do not feel comfortable making these changes please work with a dealer that is knowledgeable in suspension customization.

It is recommended to use both the Zmotion and T-motion lockout with this product for proper performance.