Summit Rip Kit

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The ZRP Summit RIP (Ride Improvement Package) is the ultimate package for a Ski-doo Summit G4

The Kit includes everything needed to turn your stock summit into a confidence-inspiring, technical tree riding weapon.

The RIP kit includes the following parts

ZRP Gen 4 Summit 1.25" Lift SBB 0.5" Offset Spindle Set

ZRP Z-Motion Rear Link

ZRP T-Motion Lockout Bushings

This package was designed to provide a more predictable and precise feel when riding technical terrain. The spindle raises the front of the snowmobile increasing ground clearance while slightly widening it, reducing paneling out allowing for less washout. The Z-motion controls weight transfer allowing better control in steep terrain. The lockout bushings limit side to side motion of the rear skid, increasing precision feel and allowing the rider input to control the direction of the sled.


The spindles and z motion will be anodized black finish.


This package is a exclusive.


Please note that this package is designed to fit with all other stock components (shocks, suspension arms) but you will have to adjust/tune your suspension to your individual needs after adding these parts. If you do not feel comfortable making these changes please work with a dealer that is knowledgeable in suspension customization.